About Egole

Egole is an online shopping mall which is a wholly owned Nigerian initiative from the stable of Courteville Business Solutions Plc (Owners of the AutoReg Franchise). Egole’s major motive is to bring together customers and merchants for the sole aim of ‘convenient’ buying and selling.

Established in 2011, Egole was developed by Courteville Business Solutions Plc as a robust, flexible and secure platform to be a one stop business community in cyberspace, which affords everyone the opportunity to buy and sell goods and services globally via the internet. It is indeed a well thought through platform that guarantees both the merchants and consumers convenience in usage and security.

Egole is an Ibo word and literarily means “how much”. At Egole we have a history of ensuring all products & items purchased are safely delivered to the customer’s chosen address by licensed and experienced courier service companies. Similarly all online transactions on the platform are highly secured, with international standard and best practices.

Egole is equally designed to accommodate various products and categories such as Automobiles, Electronics, Food Items, Drinks, Fashion, Household items, Books, Journals and Furniture to mention a few.

With Over 40,000 unique users (still growing exponentially) that are specifically directed to the Egole site on a daily basis from the various AutoReg web platforms, it is a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year e-commerce site with a captive market that guarantees access to a wide variety and class of concentrated audience. We also boast of an unbelievable Customer Care Response.