Panasonic Window Air Conditioner UC12W3 1.5HP

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Key Features

  • Elegant design with new intake grille
  • Easy -to- clean Air Filter
  • Less Power consumption
  • 4 way Air deflection system
  • Better Air Intake - Up to 5.39% improved Cooling capacity
  • Eco Tough
  • Energy Efficient Compressor

The Performance and quality of air conditioning depends on the compressor. The new improved Panasonic Super Tropical Compressor has a high level of Proven efficiency under high load conditions; a core testimony of Panasonic endless pursuit for quality. The Panasonic Window Unit Air Conditioner is a compact unit with versatile controls that keeps you cool and comfortable with an energy-efficient construction. It is designed with Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Condenser, and Super anti bacteria filter, 4-Way Air Deflection System and Whisper Quiet operation while delivering comfort throughout your home or office.

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