Royal Chest Freezers BD108

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Key Features

  • 108 Litres Chest Freezer
  • High quality & efficient compressor
  • Super strong freezing capacity
  • Anti-scratch cabinet
  • Universal castor for easy moving
  • With key and lock


Royal Chest Freezer has been designed to help you store food items such as meat, fish, soups, veggies and other food items for weeks or for as long as you want until you are ready to consume them. This chest freezer is a home essential, it will make you worry free. The capacity of this freezer will meet all your food and drinks storage requirements. It is ideal for home and business purpose. With a combination of an attractive design, efficiency and durability, this chest freezer is certainly the best in its class. With an anti-scratch cabinet, this freezer will last you for a very long time. Royal Chest Freezer is capable of quick and deep freezing, it is environmentally friendly and come with super efficient compressors. Save your foods and drinks from breeding bacteria, live conveniently with refrigerators and freezers that offer more. It comes with universal castor for easy movement from one place to the other. With a key and lock, you will be able to keep all your food safe and secured. If you want to use this freezer for business, the lock and key feature will ensure access is restricted to the freezer. With a super strong freezing capacity, you will always enjoy your food and your business will not be run at a loss.

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