Nexus NX-8001S Standing Gas Cooker Double Oven (4 burners + 2 hot plates)

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Key Features

  • 4 Gas Burners + 2 Electric Hotplates
  • Euro Type Pool Burners
  • Glass Oven Door
  • Double Oven
  • Oven with Grill and Turn-spit
  • Auto Ignition for Top Burners Only.


The Nexus GCCR-NX-8001S Standing Gas Cooker Double Oven (4+2) from Nexus Brand, is efficient, durable, reliable and easy to use, it comes in smooth steel body with chrome finishing design which is perfect for your kitchen space. The body of this cooker is easy to use and maintain; soak a kitchen towel in water and use to wipe its body after use.

The Nexus Standing Gas Cooker Double Oven GCCR-NX-8001S (4+2) features 4 gas burners + 2 electric hotplates, euro type pool burners. It also comes with a glass oven door, double oven with grill and turn-spit. The control knobs will allow you control the intensity of the heat when cooking, grilling or baking. Also, an auto-ignition for the top burners.

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