Xtreme Power Belt (Waist Trainer)

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Key Features

  • Sweaty and reduce the size
  • It is convenient and practical
  • appiattisci belly
  • Reduce the waist
  • Corrects posture


The perfect combination that in addition to sweat and compresses for outstanding results. Scientific studies show that the sweat constant and the progressive compression leads to anatomical changes. Xtreme Power Belt, with its bands duo-isometrics, tapering the life, flattens the abdomen, corrects posture, redistributes the body mass, and sweaty you only where it is needed Comfortable, practical, for all occasions sorting Xtreme Power Belt and receive free Thermo Extreme: The osmotic band for sweat to the extreme double sweat, double results. With your Thermo Extreme free. Band, slimming slimming fitness beltNow you can have the appearance of a slimmer waistline and hourglass shape in a matter of seconds! Wear it for any activity at home, taking a walk, shopping, jogging, at work, at the gym, relaxing or biking!

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