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Omni Charge Solar Panel 20W Charger

Short description:
  • Solar Charger w
  • 1 x DC (20w)
  • 1 x USB (12)
  • Output for Omni Charge Powerbanks
Price in points: 71000 points
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  • High Efficiency: The thin film solar cells provide a 21% conversion efficiency, providing enough power for your Omnicharge and other mobile devices.
  • Light weight: The Omnicharge solar panel provides the same power as similar panels, but at half the weight.
  • Flexible: With a flexible and durable build, they can be bent without cracking the panel.
  • Durable: A major benefit of thin film solar cells are their durability, allowing them to function even with minor damage.
  • Note: To achieve maximum charging efficiency, the USB port is disabled while outputting from the barrel port.