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CIF Cream lemon - 500ml X 8

Short description:

Key Features

Removes 100% dirt

Microparticles and degreasing agent

500ML plastic container makes it economical and better for longer usage

Household active cleaner 5-15% Anionic Surfactant

Price in points: 6875 points
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New Cif Cream Lemon with its citrus fresh scent is packed with millions of natural micro crystals derived from limestone. The formulation is better than ever providing 100% tough dirt removal and 100% shine on countless surfaces. And now thanks to its new texture it requires less rinsing. You will only need a tiny squirt to completely remove all kinds of dirt, even those that seem impossible to clean such as encrusted grease, grimy mud on trainers or dirty marks from walls. Cleaning with CIF Cream has never been this easy.