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Century 4.3L Electric Kettle

Short description:
• Beautifully designed for every modern kitchen and homes
• With a water volume of 4.3L and output of 1800-2000
• Have a good and excellent heating pressure
• Heat water in 3 to 5 mins
• With switch off and on indicator
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Price in points: 9000 points
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The Century Electric kettle stainless works with the aid of a heating element installed at its bottom. Electric current flows through the element to produce heat that is conducted into the water. Once it reaches boiling point, the steam from the boiling water heats up the metallic strip in the kettle which in turn breaks the circuit to prevent electricity from overflowing through the heating element. Its steel body design makes it easy to move around by simply detaching the cord and handle from it. The power indicator makes you aware when the water is boiled. It is affordable. This kettle will make you look forward to preparing beverages because you know it will be ready in a very short while

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