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Omni Pro Pocketsized Laptop Power Bank - 12800mAh (Mobile Series)

Short description:
    • Portable Charging: With a high powered USB-C port
    • Wireless Charging: Leave your charging cable at home and charge your wireless compatible phone just by placing it on top of the Omni Mobile
    • Laptop Grade USB-C: Equipped with high powered 60W USB-C Ports, the Omni Mobile 12,800 is capable of powering even the most demanding USB-C laptops
    • The Omni Mobile 12,800 includes a USB-A charging cable and a USB-C charging cable
Price in points: 38000 points
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With a high powered USB-C port, the Omni Mobile 12,800 mAh is our smallest laptop power bank. With the added benefit of wireless charging, you can leave your charging cables at home and efficiently charge your phone just by placing it on the Omnicharge.

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